How to Organize an Eco-Friendly Move to San Antonio

 Our Guest Author today:  Emily Miller 

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As you are probably aware, San Antonio is one of the cities with active care for the environment. There are many ongoing projects and programs dealing with pollution issues, such as EV-SA, which focuses on electric vehicles' wider usage, and SolSmart, which is working on solar energy growth. Therefore, it is no surprise that anyone with an eco-friendly heart chooses to relocate to San Antonio. Of course, the eco-friendly move to San Antonio can be made on a budget or by making some investments in a more sustainable future. Whatever your approach may be, here is some advice on achieving the green transfer into the new life you seek.

Pack your belongings into containers and suitcases you already own

Consumerism that has infiltrated all aspects of our lives is not good for the environment. It preaches continuous replacing of stuff with new things. The old stuff, then, ends up getting dumped on some junk mountain somewhere, which in turn pollutes everything good this planet has to offer. So, if you are serious about a green relocation to San Antonio, consider not buying new suitcases and packing supplies but using what you already have. Gather all the boxes and bags you already own and fill them with your belongings. Delicate items don't necessarily need bubble wrapping - your clothes will do. You can even ask your family and friends to lend you some of their bags and boxes. 

If you prefer to put your belongings into perfect containers that you will have to buy, take a green approach towards that as well. Buy containers that are usable afterward. Decorative boxes that can easily fit into your new home design are also great for transporting delicate items. There are packing supplies that are bio-degradable and recyclable, opt for those rather than the classic ones. That way, your stuff will be sorted perfectly but not at the expense of the environment.

Recycle your way to your new home

Packing for your San Antonio relocation is a great time to declutter and give your home a good cleansing. Indeed, you do not need all you have gathered over the years. When packing your belongings, immediately select those you don't need. With some research on recycling, you can learn to sort recyclable items like a pro and significantly reduce the amount of garbage you produce. You'll be surprised with all the different types of stuff you can recycle, such as a whole cabin. The items that are not recyclable can be donated. Think very carefully about what you need and use. They say you do not need clothes you haven't worn for more than 3 years. 

If you are a person that is more financially blessed than most, you have an opportunity to help the environment and others in need. You will achieve several goals by donating some of your barely used stuff to those that need them. Firstly, you will help that person invest more into other aspects of their life and indirectly improve their quality of living. Secondly, reducing the number of your belongings means reducing the required number of vehicles to transport them. Therefore the pollution your move will produce decreases as well. Finally, less stuff to relocate means less time to unpack and start a new life. 

A book with words „Reduce, reuse, recycle“ on its covers, surrounded by a piece of cord, an apple and a straw
When you organize an eco-friendly move to San Antonio, try to produce the least waste possible by recycling and reusing as much as possible.

Make an eco-friendly move to San Antonio in one go

Speaking of reducing the number of vehicles, a truly green San Antonio relocation would be doing it in one go. As you know, one of the significant air polluters is traffic. If you intend to relocate using your vehicle, carefully pack everything inside, ensuring you fill every available space. A green way to approach it would be to fill every corner of your car with items except the driver's seat. Your other family members would probably be more comfortable traveling by bus or train than in a car full of stuff. Buses and trains are going anyway so you wouldn't be adding to air pollution by using them.

A more comfortable solution for an interstate move would be hiring one of the moving companies in Texas. Not only will they perform an easy transfer from anywhere, but they will do it more efficiently, without wasting gas. They will know how to pack everything efficiently to make fewer round trips and not leave a large carbon footprint.

Clean with green products

Once you reach your new home, make sure you select cleaning products that are eco-friendly too. These products do not contain toxic substances that would end up polluting water and air. Usually, the ones that are good for the environment are marked as "green" or indicate their eco-friendliness. These tend to be a bit more expensive than the regular, toxic ones. But even if you can't afford them, there is a way to do a green clean. Use water to clean not-so-dirty areas, such as table tops or furniture surfaces that aren't greasy. Used tea bags are excellent when it comes to cleaning glass and mirrors. Vinegar is very effective for descaling and cleaning more persistent filth. Toxic substances pollute the environment and affect your health, so consider this issue seriously.

Various unmarked cleaning product containers
Not all cleaning products are made equal, so choose those without toxic substances in them

Make your home eco-friendly

Finally, you can turn your eco-friendly move to San Antonio into an eco-friendly life in San Antonio. Having a "green" home is the ultimate tribute to the future of humanity. On a smaller scale, a green home saves you money. From solar panels that produce electricity and hot water to the very structure of the house that is energy-saving, a green home produces lower electricity bills. Various consultants can help you design a home that will optimize energy consumption and allow you to help the world and lower your cost of living.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford such an investment. But how about decreasing expenses and energy consumption by choosing a smaller living space? There is a surprising amount of benefits to living in a small home. Think long and hard about how much living space you need and whether the extra space is worth what you are giving up to afford. 

A man installing a solar panel onto a roof which would be a great way to turn your eco-friendly move to San Antonio into an eco-friendly life there.

An eco-friendly home with solar panels reduces electricity bills and helps the environment

Final thoughts

Being mindful and proactive about the environment makes you a better person and can prove to be financially viable. Making an eco-friendly move to San Antonio will mark the beginning of a new life in the best possible way. Congratulations on choosing to care for the environment; you are helping create a better future for future generations. Therefore, San Antonio has all the reasons to be proud to have you.

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Emily Miller has been working as a content writer for Best Cross Country Movers for two years. Her advice related to moving and living tend to take into account details related to the environment and health, which has been very helpful to many. 

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