7 Benefits of Living in a Tiny Home

 Our Guest Author Today:  Callum Johnston   

Have you been considering downsizing? Well, it can be a great idea. While living in a large home certainly has its benefits, living in a tiny one comes with its own advantages, especially if you prefer to live alone. For starters, tiny houses are much easier to maintain and manage. However, only you can decide if a smaller home is really the way to go for you. In order to help out, we have put together a list of 7 benefits of living in a tiny home, and we hope you find it helpful. 

1. Easier to clean 

The first benefit of living in a tiny home is spending much less time cleaning. After all, there's less square footage to worry about, and cleaning goes considerably faster. Of course, compared to a larger home, you will also have far less space to store your belongings, which means more clutter lying around the home and accumulating dust. Still, not everyone likes to keep around lots of things. If you've been considering adopting a minimalist lifestyle or already have, you will have no issue living in a small home. Thus, the trade-off might not seem as bad. 

A small home is much easier to clean than a big one.

2. Decluttering your life

This next benefit ties into the previous one. When living in a tiny home, you won't have a lot of space to store things. As such, you will have to carefully consider what you want to bring with you when moving into one. When living in a bigger home, you could be tempted to keep all sorts of things which you don't need. And while the storage space is definitely a benefit, wasting space of things you haven't even looked at in years certainly isn't. As such, an indirect benefit of living in a tiny how is that it will force you to declutter, get and stay organized.

On the other hand, you'll probably find more modern homes with progressive storage solutions in the San Antonio real estate market. These could help you keep the mess and clutter at bay. However, since going this route might cost you more, you must set a clear budget and stick to it or decide whether you're willing to go over. But, in the end, the real advantage of living in a tiny home is getting the opportunity to free yourself of unnecessary clutter. 

3. Tiny homes are energy efficient

Whether you go green or hoop up your tiny home to a power line, it will use much less energy than a bigger home. Of course, you are limited to what you can install in your tiny home. Where something like a giant fridge is a given in a larger home, it would probably take up a lot of space in a tiny one. Still, if you can live without a large fridge or other big appliances, you will find that smaller appliances work much more efficiently in a tiny home. Ultimately, however, the choice falls to you. Even if you decide that a smaller home isn't the right choice for you, you might still ask yourself: how do I make my home more energy-efficient? Wherever we may live, our planet still needs us. 

A person installing a solar panel.

Small homes use much less energy, and it's much easier to use green energy sources while living in one.

4. It's easier to be environmentally friendly

Being environmentally friendly is certainly possible in a big home. You can use green energy sources or a rainwater catcher and filtration system. However, these were all made with big and small houses in mind alike. Only, it's much easier and less expensive to do this in a smaller home. Because they use so much less energy, it's possible to live entirely off the grid using green energy sources. However, as we have mentioned before, it is quite possible to do this in a big home too; it just takes more time and effort.

5. Easy to move into or out of

This is one benefit that bigger homes cannot beat. When it comes to a large house, you will have to do a lot of packing and unpacking when moving. On the other hand, a small home requires much less effort to move into. By bringing a lot less stuff with you, you have much less to worry about during the move, especially if you're moving locally. If, on the other hand, you are moving to San Antonio long-distance, it's best to find trustworthy experts to help you get your belongings moved without issues and on time. And, the thing about having less stuff? Your long-distance relocation won't cost an arm and a leg. 

A view of a small home from the driveway.

It takes a lot less effort to move into a small home.

Planning everything before you can finally move in might take some time, though. There are lots of logistics, physical strain, and paperwork involved in moving out of one home and into another - big or small. And, buying your new home remotely only complicates things further. Make sure you start on time, go step by step, and let the simplicity of tiny living do the rest.

6. Better for a healthier lifestyle

In a big home, you can install a home gym, choose to think about your diet choices, and exercise to stay healthy. Still, in a small house, you'll somehow find that the lack of space will have you thinking about health even more. Since you can't have a massive fridge, you will consider your food more carefully. And, since you don't have any room for training equipment, you'll concentrate more on ways to stay healthy. Finally, being minimalistic will help you focus in your day-to-day life because you won't have as much room in your home for distractions.

7. Much easier to organize

Being organized in a big home is certainly commendable. It takes time and effort to figure out where everything should go and still serve a purpose. In a small home, however, everything has to have a place and a use, because of the lack of space. As such, you'll find that after a while of living in one, you will always think about how to fit something into your home before getting it. As such, you will organize much more easily when living in a small home. 

Let’s wrap this up

Both big and small homes have their merits. On the one hand, you can have as much space as you like to do whatever you want. On the other, you have to think about your space carefully when using it. Doing certain things is much easier in a bigger home, while some others are easier in a small one. Either way, only you can decide which option is better for you and whether you want to make it work. We hope you found this list of 7 benefits of living in a tiny home helpful.

Bio: Callum Johnston is a real estate agent who takes pleasure in helping people find the perfect houses for their needs and has worked with State to State Move for the past several years to make sure his clients are fully satisfied and settled in their new homes.