6 Ways a Green Home Can Save You Money

 Our Guest Author today:  Jenny Weeks

A modern home exterior

Maintaining a home is certainly not cheap, especially if you own a large house. There are simple ways you can create a cozy home that will save you money and protect the environment. Green living is becoming more popular in the US since it promotes eco-friendly habits and a simpler lifestyle. When it comes to your home, “going green” is a good way to save money, produce less carbon, and use less electricity. Take a look at the 6 simple ways a green home can save you money.

Increase the energy efficiency

One of the most important (and most obvious) ways to go green in your home is to use less electricity. There are plenty of ways to do it, and most of them don’t even require buying new appliances. Here are some examples of how you can increase energy efficiency in your home:

Use AC less frequently. Letting more sunlight into the room will provide heat during winter, while shades will keep your home cooler during the hot summer months.

Avoid laundry drying machine. By hanging your wet clothes on a rack, you will avoid using the dryer up to 15 times a month. This process will increase energy efficiency and help you go green.

Use programs for cold washing. No matter which type of clothes it is, a cold-washing program will protect the fabrics better. The washing machine uses a lot of energy to heat the water. Washing most of your clothes on cold-washing programs can be a good idea.

Use washable cloths instead of paper towels. We are all used to drying our hands with paper towels or using them like napkins. However, washable cloths will prevent throwing away a lot of paper which is always a better solution for our environment.


hanging LED lights

Modern home lighting systems in a green home can save you money.

Install proper insulation

One of the best ways a green home can save you money is proper insulation. The inner and outer walls of your home determine how fast it will cool down or warm up. Without sufficient insulation, your home can lose almost a third of its heat during the winter months. To avoid fast temperature changes, you can inspect the walls in your home and fill in any gaps. Make sure to draught-proof your windows and doors, and install proper ventilation in rooms if necessary.

Energy-efficient windows in a green home can save you money

A big part of insulating your home from cold and heat is installing quality windows in every room. Green homes are famous for energy-efficient windows that can save money in the long run. For example, installing floor-to-ceiling windows will bring more sunlight into your home during the cold winter months. This will further require less heating and reduce the amount of electricity you use.

Consider Energy Star certified appliances

Choosing the right home appliances can take a lot of time, especially if you don’t know what to look for. If you want to live in a green home that will save you money, you should invest in energy star-certified appliances. These could be more expensive than regular ones, but having them in your home will be beneficial in many ways. Modern home appliances are built to save electricity and lower the amount of carbon pollution. So, if you are planning to renovate your kitchen or remodel your bathroom, consider installing appliances that will save energy and reduce your electricity bills.

modern kitchen appliances

Consider buying energy-efficient appliances for your home. 

Use products from recycled materials

This is another simple way your green home can save you money. Instead of buying new cleaning products and different accessories, you can make them yourself by recycling. Here are some examples:

Use old toothbrushes for cleaning instead of buying various abrasive cleaning products.

Plastic straws are great for organizing cables – this life hack is perfect for organizing home office and TV cables.

Use plastic bottles for storing food and spices. All you need to do is recycle plastic bottles and use them for grain food like rice, beans, etc.

Turn shoeboxes into file organizers – You can find a new use for any cardboard box you want to throw away.

Reduce maintenance expenses

If you are not a first-time homeowner, you are probably familiar with the expenses of maintaining a home. A few simple repairs on your home will help you avoid high maintenance costs. If you are buying a new home, make sure to inspect the plumbing and the electrical systems. If they are old and need repair, consider doing it before moving in. Faulty wiring, cracked walls, and old electricity systems will only take more money out of your pocket.

Another good your green home can save you money is by installing energy-efficient lighting. LED bulbs are known for being energy-efficient, and they last longer than regular light bulbs. Modern lighting in your home does not only look better but is also eco-friendly.

How to organize a green relocation?

Verified Movers suggest that planning the relocation should be your first step if you have already found your new green home in San Antonio. Before you start packing the boxes, you can check out helpful websites and learn more about planning a stress-free move. No matter how big or small your relocation is, it’s always easier to let professionals handle the hard part of this process. If you want to plan an environmentally-friendly move, there are plenty of experts who can help you do it.

plastic spray bottles in a green home can save you money

Try recycling and finding a new purpose for old plastic bottles in your home.

A green relocation implies a few simple actions that are good for our environment. The overall point is to create less garbage and waste during this process. When looking for professional movers in San Antonio, make sure to check out companies that offer eco-friendly moving services. These companies provide expert assistance and provide eco-friendly packing materials. If you declutter, sell or donate unnecessary items, you will save space in your new home and produce less waste. In the end, a green relocation is a great way to prepare for living in a green home and think about the well-being of our environment.

Final thoughts

We hope our guide for ways a green home can save you money has given you some insight. As you can see, saving the planet can be fun and cost-effective. Enjoy your green home!

Author bio: Jenny Weeks is a blogger with a passion for design and sustainability. She loves advising others on how to help save the planet.