How to Make Your San Antonio Home Senior-Friendly

 Our Guest Author Today:  Angelica Jones

A large, green house in San Antonio, Texas

For any person, home is the one place in the world where you feel most comfortable and secure. This is especially true for senior citizens. When the time for retirement comes, you can make up for all the time you spent on hard work. Naturally – you want to relax as much as possible, and San Antonio is one of the best places to retire. Maybe you have been a San Antonio resident your whole life, but now you wish to buy another house or downsize to a more senior-friendly one. Or perhaps you’d like to relocate and are just searching for a nice city to spend your retirement. Whatever the case is, San Antonio is a perfect choice. Here are some tips on how to make your San Antonio home senior-friendly.

Why choose San Antonio for your retirement?

It’s certainly true that there are many nice and peaceful places in the US that are perfect for senior citizens. However, San Antonio has actually been named one of the best places in the country to retire. One of the main reasons for this is probably the weather. 

A senior couple in their home in San Antonio
San Antonio is the best city to spend your retirement.

San Antonio has a great climate, with a total of around 250 sunny days per year. As far as the prices go, this beautiful city is also very affordable. This means that it’s much easier and cheaper for seniors to purchase a house. In San Antonio, you can see a variety of architectural styles and pick the one you like the most for your home. Let’s go over some ideas to make your San Antonio home senior-friendly and thus a perfect place for you to spend your retirement.

Add Handrails around the house

Unfortunately, aging usually entails some mobility difficulties. For many seniors, getting around may present a big problem, especially if they live alone and have no help on a daily basis. Installing handrails is a great and relatively easy solution for this. You'll get more support and move around more easily by placing handrails in areas such as the bathroom, stairs, and hallways. In case you suffer from any mobility issues, it’s advisable to engage reliable professionals to help you with your relocation. If you are moving to another house in San Antonio, the help of your family or friends may suffice. However, if you are looking to make a long-distance move within Texas, it’s best to look for movers that will give you a hand during this process.

Install a stairlift to help with moving around

Another useful thing to make daily tasks easier is installing a stairlift. This way, anyone with mobility problems will be able to move freely around the house. It’s virtually impossible to avoid going up and down the stairs. With a stairlift in place, this task will no longer be challenging.

Make sure that the house is well-lit

For most people, eyesight worsens with age. Impaired vision makes the risk of having an accident much higher. This is why it’s wise to keep the house well-lit at all times. Make sure that the lighting is good throughout your home, especially in places where there is a greater possibility of a fall. For example – the stairs, the bathroom, and the hallways. Placing night lights and motion-sensing lights can go a long with in reducing the risk of any accidents happening and ensuring safety.

A well-lit kitchen in a house.
Make sure to install lights around the house for improved visibility.

Choose the adequate floors for your home

At a certain age, your priorities regarding your home shift. The aesthetic of the house should come secondary, and what you will need to care about the most is safety. Some people prefer the no-carpet look in their homes. However, with no carpets on the floors, the risk of a fall increases. In order to minimize the chance of slipping or tripping in your home, it’s best to place carpets on the floors. They are also helpful in case a fall does occur, as they have more cushioning. In places where it’s not so easy to put a carpet, you could use mats and anti-slip strips as a substitute for a carpet.

Consider downsizing to a smaller house

You might be used to living in a big house, but when choosing a place to spend your retirement, consider moving to a smaller home. There are numerous reasons to downsize when you retire. 

A small house with a white fence.
Moving to a smaller house brings many benefits. 

Starting from the obvious, a tiny house is much easier and faster to clean and organize. Its size also means that it is much less likely to have safety hazards. Additionally, it will be much easier to move in, compared to a big house. In case you are moving to San Antonio long distance, Best Long Distance Movers advises that it’s a good idea to hire movers to ensure the process goes smoothly. If you are unsure of your options, you can find a database of movers in your area and decide.

Get appliances that are easy to use

One of the ways to make your San Antonio home senior-friendly is to buy appliances that are not too complicated to use. If you are used to certain types of appliances, it’s probably best to get similar ones to avoid having to learn all the complicated functions again. If the appliances in your old home are already outdated, don’t take them with you. Buy new appliances with a warranty to minimize the chance of malfunctioning and avoid safety hazards.

Smart Technology for your home

Investing in smart home technology devices is a great idea. Smoke detectors and a home security system may be an additional cost. However, they are extremely useful in maintaining safety.


Retirement should be a peaceful and carefree period of your life. Since you no longer have to go to work, your home will probably be where you spend most of your time. For this reason, it’s essential to think about ways to make it as comfortable as possible. Hopefully, you learned some new things from this article and figured out how to make your San Antonio home senior-friendly.

Bio: Angelica Jones is a Texas-based blogger. Her favorite topics include home improvement, real estate, and travel. She has two dogs and loves working from home because it gives her more time to spend with them.

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