7 Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Your Home

 Our Guest Author Today:  Jessica Swift 

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There is always something new in the world of architecture and home design. Trends come and go, from new color palettes to different drapes and curtains to complete minimalism. But one rule that always remains when decorating your home is “Make it your own.” And it’s the best advice because you want your home to reflect who you are naturally. Our homes should be modern and comfortable but still very distinctly ours. If it weren’t for people adding details that show who they are in their homes, all the houses and apartments would be pretty basic and lifeless. However, figuring out how to add something that reflects who we are to our home design can be a little tricky. Because of this, we decided to share ways to add a personal touch to your home.

Various family photos
One of the ways to add a personal touch to your home is to make a family photo wall. Alt text: Various family photos

Family photos

The key to a person’s heart is their family, and nothing reflects who we are better than the people we share our life with. So naturally, family photos are one of the best ways to add a personal touch to your home. You should start by carefully choosing which photos to put up. Don’t consider that a chore because it can be quite a fun and emotional experience remembering all the good times you had.  Pick the photos that give you the most joy when you look at them. It’s also worth mentioning that when we say family photos, we also mean our furry family members. There is nothing strange when putting up pet photos, both past, and present. Then pick the wall that you will dedicate to this photo collage. Make sure that the frame you choose for the photos goes nicely with the wallpaper or color of the walls behind.

Various green plants
Plants are not just calming and beautiful they are also a nice personal touch 


Another way we can express ourselves is through plants. We all have those flowers/plants that remind us of a special moment. Maybe we got those flowers as a gift from someone we love, and they became our favorites then. Or there is a special childhood memory connected to a particular plant. Or you visited a flower festival, and that’s your passion now. Whatever it is, it’s a tremendous personal detail to add to a home. And there are many ways you can do it. There is a simple way of just buying the plant that’s meaningful to you and keeping it in your home. But you can also make a floral centerpiece on the living room table. Or, if you have time and are willing to put in the effort, make a small garden in your backyard and fill it with all the flowers that mean something to you.

Make something creative

A personal touch you add to your home doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive to leave an impression. It is more important how things make us feel than how much they cost. It’s all about making an effort and creating memories together. That’s why you should be creative and make something you will add as a personal detail to your home. A good and simple idea is to take a creative class like pottery or painting. It’s even better if you take the class with some friends and family and make something together. That way, it will have an even more significant meaning. Make something in your pottery class or a painting but don’t feel any pressure to make it look good. It’s not about looking perfect. It’s about having fun while making it and putting a lot of love into it.

A lot of vinyl records
Show off your interest throughout your home

Show off your interests

The things we like also say a lot about us and we should show them off in our house. For example, you can make a wonderful creative corner in your living room if you have an extensive record collection. Find a cool shelf where your vinyl will be on full display, and make sure there is a place for a record player there. If you are into comic books, you can also incorporate that in your home. It’s about expressing yourself and your interests and making them part of your home.

Show your life journey

That is a perfect way to add a personal touch to your home, especially if you just moved in. For example, if you are moving from California to Texas, you should bring something that reminds you of your previous Californian home. Also, let moving experts assist you in bringing all your precious belonging safely to your new home. Take something that symbolizes your life in your old home or something that has a personal connection to California to you. It can be a souvenir, a toy, or anything. Make a little corner in your new home where you will display items that signify your life and its essential details. You can even make a little map and mark all the places you lived in or had fun vacations.

Ask your friends to help you

Sometimes our loved ones know us better than we know ourselves. The great idea is to ask your friends and family to give you something that reminds them of you. Don’t give them any other directions. Let them pick what that is. Chances are you will get various charming items that will have emotional value for you. Display them all over your home, giving it that special touch.

A personalized doormat

Your doormat is one of the first things your guests see before they enter your home. Why not use that opportunity to add a nice personal touch to it? Many companies today make personalized items for your home, including doormats. You can ask them to make a doormat with an inside joke between you and your friends or an inspirational quote.

In conclusion

As you can see, there are various ways to add a personal touch to your home. And you don’t have to be a home design expert or get something costly. It's simple things like photos of the family fun you had, flowers, or something you made yourself, with a lot of love, that give your home that charm and warmth.

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Jessica Swift is a mom of three and a freelance writer based in California. She is passionate about home design and giving people the best tips to make their homes look incredible.

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