How to Prepare for Your International Move

 Guest Author Today:  Arthur Rolan 

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Moving internationally can be a thrilling and exciting experience, but it can also be overwhelming and stressful. There are many things to think of and organize, and it can be challenging to know where to start. Furthermore, international moves add another layer of responsibilities, pictured in immigration, customs, global moving companies, etc. Luckily, many have done it before. And successfully so. Therefore, this article is here to help you prepare for your international move, whether it's a relocation to San Antonio or from it (or anywhere else you plan on going). We'll give you some helpful advice and prepare you for the adventure of your life!

Prepare for your international move: The how to

Having a successful international move without a headache is a viable possibility. And, like everything a bit more complicated in life, it requires proper planning. This global relocation plan will help you have a stress-free transition to the country of your choice. 

Furthermore, it will indicate the essential steps in the process you might not be aware of but shouldn't miss. Some of these are to get your paperwork sorted, declutter when packing, find the international movers’ crew to get you there, learn the basics of the local language, etc.

Once you tick off the tasks from your checklist, like hiring professional international movers to get your belongings there safely or sorting your docs and the transportation for when you get there, you'll feel more in control of this whole process. Feeling in control will give you the confidence to start fresh and set the tone as you settle into your new home.

So, to help you get to this point, take a look at the list below. This is a list of tips on how to prepare for your international move to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

1. Research the destination of your choice

2. Plan out your budget

3. Start with the packing

4. Take care of housing and transportation for when you arrive

5. Notify the appropriate parties

6. Get your documents sorted

7. Rely on your moving company of choice

8. Learn the local language basics

9. Set up the utilities for when your arrive

10. Expect a culture shock

Research your destination

Before you start packing, learning about the country you're moving to is important. First, find out about the culture, customs, and laws of the place where you'll live. This will help you know what to expect and how to prepare.

It would help if you also learned about the cost of living, housing options, and other vital details. These will help you plan your budget and make the transition as easy as possible. 

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Any international move requires a lot of research in advance.

Create a budget and a plan

Moving internationally can be expensive, so it's crucial to create a budget and stick to it. Take into account the cost of airfare, shipping, and storage, as well as any other expenses you may incur.

It would be best if you also thought about how you'll make ends meet financially once you arrive in your new country. This aspect depends significantly on your financial situation, whether you already have a job secured, remote, or no job. If you're starting completely fresh - moving to a new country and wish to find a position along the way, ensure you have enough to cover at least two or three months without any income.

Start with packing and decluttering if you wish to prepare for your international move

Once you have a solid plan, it's time to start packing. First, take some time to declutter and get rid of things you no longer need or use. This way, you can save money on transportation and storage costs and get used to your new home more efficiently. When packing, clearly label all boxes and carry important documents and valuables in your carry-on luggage.

Take care of housing and transportation

As you won't probably be home shopping from the moment you put your foot there, ensure you arrange your housing situation. So, before you leave, ensure you have a place to stay when you arrive in your new country. This could be a hotel, an Airbnb apartment, or a friend's house. You should also arrange transportation to and from the airport and your new home.

A woman getting in a taxi.
One way to prepare for your international move is to arrange transportation from the airport to your place and your housing situation.

Notify all the parties about your international move

When preparing to move internationally, you'll need to notify several agencies of your move, including your employer, bank, post office, insurance company, etc. You'll also need to cancel any subscriptions or memberships and update your address on all documents and accounts.

Get your documentation in order

Before your departure, make sure you have all the necessary documents in order. This includes your passport, visa, and other documents you'll need to live and work in your new country. In addition, it would be best to consider health insurance and required vaccinations, especially since some countries are still facing the pandemic effects.

Rely on your professional moving company and ask for help

If you're feeling overwhelmed or unsure how to handle your international move, don't hesitate to get help from a professional. The professionals behind told us that the moving company you hired could help you with numerous things as they offer multiple kinds of services. This includes things from packing and shipping to finding a new place to live and getting settled in your new country.

Learn at least the basics of the local language

If you're moving to a country whose language you don't speak, you should start learning as soon as possible. Not only will this make your transition easier, but it'll also help you socialize and settle into your new home.

If you wonder where to start, do not worry. There are many ways to learn a new language, including language exchange programs, classes, and online courses.

A girl and her language teacher in a classroom.
Learning a local language will help you in many aspects and show respect to the people whose country you're moving to.

Set up the utilities for your arrival

If you happen to rent a home or a condo before your arrival, this one is for you. Before arriving in your new country, tell your landlords to set up your electricity, water, and internet utilities. This will save you time and hassle once you arrive and help you settle into your new home more quickly.

Culture shock

Moving to a new country can be an exciting and rewarding experience but also overwhelming and stressful. Culture shock is a common experience when moving somewhere wholly novel and can manifest itself in many different ways.

So, to prepare for culture shock, try to learn as much as possible about your new home before you arrive and be open to new experiences and ways of doing things.

Conclusion on how to prepare for your international move

International relocation can be a difficult and tiresome process, but proper planning and preparation can make the transition as seamless as possible. By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to prepare for your international move successfully.

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