Pros and Cons of Relocating to San Antonio During Winter

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Moving house during winter may be a bit of a hassle if everything is covered in snow and ice. However, this is no cause for concern when it comes to relocating to San Antonio. Winters are mild and can be perfect for this type of activity. There is no worrying about it being too cold or hot to handle. Moving during winter is also significantly cheaper than the warmer seasons. There is typically less demand for moving companies and less expensive moving rates for customers. If you are moving from a snowy area, though, the weather may be less than ideal. Let’s take a look at some pros and cons of relocating to San Antonio during winter that can help you make a decision.

The Pros of Relocating to San Antonio in Winter

San Antonio is a fantastic place to move to in winter. There is an abundance of activities that are perfect for this season. If you are not a fan of the freezing cold weather and snow, this city will be ideal for you. With temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees, you will be able to comfortably explore all the sights and have a great time:

  1. Go on a double-decker tour of the city
  2. Explore the city on foot
  3. Ride the water canals on a cruise, navigate the city while learning about its history
  4. Visit the San Antonio Missions National Park
  5. Pay a visit to the famous Alamo

Many restaurants with colorful parasols along the water canal.

Relocating to San Antonio offers many perks like amazing water canals.

Relocating with a Moving Company

When planning a relocation, it is always a good idea to reach out to specialists. Local moving companies in San Antonio will know exactly how to handle your belongings. Navigating heavy boxes could be trickier than expected. The trained crew can even pack everything for you, load it, and unload it into your new home. Most importantly, winter is the perfect season to hire movers since availability is greater and the rates are lower.

Less Competition in the Real Estate Market

Winter may offer fewer homes for sale, but there is also overall less interest from buyers. Less competition will give you ample time to find the right fit, and you will not have to deal with potential bidding wars.

Lower Rates

With less competition comes lower prices too. Although there are fewer listings during winter, you will also have the chance to find much better deals than in the more popular seasons. In addition to that, most moving companies offer discounts and deals during winter. All in all, if you are looking to save money, winter is the ideal time for relocating to San Antonio.

Fewer Distractions

Summertime is for beach vacations, long holidays, and fun. This makes winter a great season for the difficult part of moving and leaving the nicer seasons for more enjoyable endeavors. The last thing you want to do is spend a month packing and relocating.

Cool Weather Makes Relocating to San Antonio a Breeze 

Since San Antonio has terrific weather in winter, it can be a great motivator to take advantage of it for your move. Especially if you come from the freezing cold, the change will be quite refreshing. It also beats moving during summer, when you would easily overheat, dehydrate, and resent the whole thing.

Take Advantage of the Holidays

If you plan your move to coincide with the winter holidays, you won’t have to worry about missing work. Your kids will also not miss school—which might be less fun for them.

A lantern with big red bows in front of a Christmas tree.

Take advantage of the holidays instead of taking time off from work and school.

The Cons of Moving During Winter

Although the winter weather may be perfect in San Antonio, you might be relocating from a much colder climate. This could potentially make things more difficult for you and make you less than enthusiastic about the move. Consider the following:
Snow and ice in your hometown
Whether or not you are hiring professional movers
How disruptive the move will be for your kids

Cold Weather

A crisp moving day in San Antonio is great, but snow, ice, and freezing temperatures can make the undertaking miserable. If you are relocating from a place with a cold and snowy climate, it might make things less comfortable. On the bright side, lovely moderate winter is waiting for you in San Antonio, so there is something to look forward to.

Icy Sidewalks

Getting your belongings out of the house and into your vehicle can be quite challenging if there is ice on the sidewalks. One wrong step, and you could end up in the emergency room instead of your new home. Use salt for the sidewalks and driveway, and put down floor coverings to protect your rugs while walking in and out of the house during loading. If you hire movers, they will bring the coverings to make things easier for everyone.

Holiday Celebrations

If you plan your big move during the holidays, you won’t have to take time off work, and your kids will not miss out on school. However, you may have to miss the holiday celebrations with your extended family. If you are big on that family time, the move might make you feel miserable. Careful planning months ahead of time and the timing of your move will make a significant difference. Doing so will give you just enough time to celebrate with all your loved ones.

Travel May Be Challenging if Relocating to San Antonio During Winter

If you’re relocating to San Antonio from a different state, you will have some distance to cover. Icy roads and compromised visibility can make travel truly difficult during the winter months. If you have an option of hiring someone to drive your belongings, that would be the perfect solution.

An icy road with trees on both sides.

Icy roads can make relocating to San Antonio during winter challenging.

Changing Schools

Realistically, your kids will not be happy about changing schools no matter the season. However, relocating to San Antonio in the middle of the school year might make things more challenging. Winter moves can lessen the changes if they are between semesters. But ideally, you will make moving easier for kids and avoid interrupting their school year by moving in the summer.

Alicia Townsend

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Alicia Townsend is a blogger and a winter lover, currently working for Evolution Moving Company DFW. Her main topics of interest include interior design, real estate, and SEO. When she isn’t writing, Alicia loves to volunteer in her community and spend time with her boyfriend.